Sustainable Design

MES Group is committed to sustainability. As members of the United States Green Building Council, and having LEED Accredited Professionals on staff, our engineers incorporate sustainable building design concepts on all projects. We strive to develop unique and cost-effective sustainable solutions by establishing sustainability goals, then working to meet or exceed those goals. Often LEED certification is a project goal, but above and beyond titles and certifications our team focuses on reducing overall energy use and long-term operational costs.

We have repeatedly been successful in applying sustainable concepts. This is due to our firm’s association with design colleagues who have developed a powerful synergy that leads to achieving the holistic efficiencies that signify the most successful sustainable design solutions.

Recognizing that this concept encompasses a wide range of design and construction activities, our commitment to sustainable design facilities include:

Optimizing the site orientation of buildings

Optimizing energy usage and reducing dependence on fossil fuels

Protect and conserve water

Use environmentally preferable products

Enhance indoor quality with daylighting, proper ventilation, and moisture control

Optimize operational and maintenance practices

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