IAQ Remediation

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a function of outdoor and indoor air pollutants, thermal comfort, and sensory loads. These issues have a direct relationship with the health of building occupants and the productivity of building users. MES Group is keenly aware of the conditions that affect IAQ.

We have developed systems and controls to mitigate infiltration and maximize the environmental comfort and safety of the building occupants. For each project, MES Group establishes and implements a moisture control strategy for controlling moisture flows and condensation to prevent building damage and mold contamination.

MES Group effectively designs and engineers mechanical systems to achieve thermal energy transfer, humidity control, filtration, and ventilated air to the breathing zone of each occupied space.

Our holistic approach to environment design solutions ensures that indoor air quality is efficiently maintained.

Our methodology includes the following processes:

Heating – the addition of thermal energy in response to thermal heat loss

Cooling – the removal of thermal energy in response to thermal heat gain

Humidifying – the addition of water vapor to maintain moisture content

Dehumidifying – the removal of water vapor to maintain moisture content

Cleaning – the removal of particulate and bio-contaminants from conditioned space

Ventilating – the addition of fresh outside air to maintain air quality and building pressurization

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