Our building commissioning services team functions as an independent third party, BCA Certified Commissioning Authority (CxA). We verify that the systems in a completed facility operate, function, and can be maintained at the performance levels they were intended to meet. MES Group’s commissioning procedures increases system performance, and improves operation, maintenance, indoor air quality, thermal comfort, and energy efficiency, in both new and existing buildings.

The goals of our commissioning service are to:

Define, document, and maintain a clearly stated set of measurable integrated system performance requirements throughout the design and construction of the project.

Verify and document compliance with these requirements at each completion milestone.

Establish a clear set of tasks, deliverables, and schedule milestones for every member of the commissioning team to drive building delivery to a successful conclusion.

Demonstrate and document effective integrated building system performance through a rigorous process of system testing.

Verify that operation and maintenance personnel and occupants are properly trained.

Provide documentation, training tools, and building performance metrics that will allow building owners to sustain High Performance Building systems over the life of the building.

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