Bay Care Van Dyke Imaging Center

Tampa, FL

VA Medical Center AC and Controls Replacement

Gainesville, FL

VA Medical Center Cardiology Renovation

Hines, IL

VA Medical Center EHRM Renovation

Orlando, FL

VA Medical Center Electrical Deficiencies

Shreveport, LA

VA Medical Center Joint Ambulatory Care

Pensacola, FL

VA Medical Center Kitchen and Dining Renovation

Miami, FL

VA Medical Center MICU/CCU Renovation

Miami, FL

VA Medical Center New GI Clinic

West Palm Beach, FL

VA Medical Center New Mental Health Ward

Miami, FL

VA Medical Center Renovate Ambulatory Surgery

Miami, FL

VA Medical Center Replace Air Handler Units

West Palm Beach, FL

VA Medical Center Replace Ductwork

West Palm Beach, FL

VA Medical Center San Juan

VA Medical Center VAV to DDC Replacement

West Palm Beach, FL

VISN 8 Campus-Wide Steam Study

Anniston Army Depot Renovation of Production Labs

Anniston, AL

Anniston Army Depot Welding Facility Renovation

Anniston, AL

Columbus Air Force Base Firing Range

Columbus, MS

ERDC Projectile Penetration Research Facility

Vicksburg, MS

Engineer Research and Development Center

Vicksburg, MS

Lackland AFB TSA Canine Training Academy

San Antonio, TX

MacDill AFB Electrical Study

Tampa, FL

MacDill AFB Renovate Hangar 2 for Additional KC135s

Tampa, FL

Naval Air Station Jacksonville Hangar Renovation

Jacksonville, FL

Naval Air Station Key West Fire Protection Systems

Key West, FL

Naval Air Station Key West New Communication Towers

Key West, FL

Peterson Space Force Base Fire Protection Systems

Colorado Springs, CO

Casa Marti and Casa Gomez

Ybor City, FL

East Park Village II Apartments

Lake Nona, FL

Elev8 Apartments

Houston, TX

Meres Crossing Apartments

Tarpon Springs , FL

Acadia National Park Duck Brook Bridge Renovation

Bar Harbor, ME

City of St. Petersburg Police Training Facility

St. Petersburg, FL

FWC Research Institute Multiple Mechanical Projects

St. Petersburg, FL

Northeast Regional Park Sport Complex

Davenport, FL

Northridge Fire Rescue Station Lightning Protection Study

Davenport, FL

Saint Leo University School of Business

Saint Leo, FL

Stetson University New Welcome Center

St. Petersburg, FL

Barrymore Hotel HVAC Study

Tampa, FL


The Spiral Staircase Renovation

Tampa, FL


Lake Wales , FL

World Equestrian Center

Ocala, FL

Defense Generator and Rail Center (DGRC) Relocation

Anniston, AL

Marines Logistics Weapons Storage and Inspection Facility

Albany, GA

Winston-Salem VA Medical Center

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